Experienced Kubernetes Engineering (80-100%)

Zurich   |   Full Time

Hi! We from Team Pollux are looking for someone who helps us building a cutting-edge Prometheus based monitoring solution, and use it to monitor all the Kubernetes clusters we manage!

We're a fun, open-minded and collaborative bunch, and put a lot of focus on a great team spirit! We love working and experimenting with the latest and greatest tools!

Your new role

  • Our product APPUiO Managed provides Kubernetes Platforms as a managed service to our customers. We run more than 50 Kubernetes clusters in 16 countries. In this role you will - within an experienced team - support us in setting up and operating Kubernetes clusters and applications running on top of them with ease, managed by our open source framework
  • Currently, we manage these Platform services using Git & GitOps, CI/CD pipelines and for you, with your experience, it will be easy to apply these tools. If you are also proficient in one of the following tools, that would be a big plus, but not a prerequisite for completing the tasks: Prometheus, ArgoCD, Operators/Controllers, Redis/MariaDB, AWS/GCP/Azure, Helm.
  • We also share our work with regards to incidents & alerts that occur during office hours. And, based on a shift plan, you can be on duty for alerts outside office hours, which is why we are looking for someone who already has experience with that.
  • We don't run any hardware ourselves. We use our customers' on-premise hypervisors or cloud providers. This means that we can mostly work remotely from anywhere.
  • For our team we are looking for a person who would like do independent troubleshooting and can handle a lot of freedom, correspondingly with a lot of responsibility. At VSHN, not everything is set in stone, a lot has to be worked out because we are a young company full of ideas and we prefer a good solution over a rigid process.

This job is for you if

  • you are interested in growing by helping, sharing, or educating your colleagues with your experience in Kubernetes & Prometheus.
  • you find pleasure in independently investigating the nitty-gritty of a bug and developing a pragmatic solution.
  • you find delight in automating operations.
  • you are a curious mind and want to learn more about new tools, technologies and open source software.
  • you are fluent in English and preferably also in German.
  • you have an enthusiastic and open manner and find your personal values and beliefs represented in our handbook.

About Us

VSHN supports other developers in making their software testable, deployable, scalable, and operatable in any cloud as automatically as possible. We call this DevOps, other companies sometimes call it Site Reliability Engineering, Operation-, DevTools-, Automation- or Developer Happiness Engineering. We run applications so that the users are happy with the stability and 24/7 availability and the developers with agility and control. We take care of the generic processes like packaging, deployment and rollback, scaling, service discovery and load balancing, configuration and key management, so that our customers can take care of (new) features even more efficiently.

Company culture

  • we foster a culture of helping each other and working towards a common goal.
  • as an Agile Organization with a flat hierarchy, we use patterns of Sociocracy 3.0 and want everyone to be a vital part of the development as a company.

  • we believe in sharing know-how and responsibilities. We document our work so that any team member can help and support.
  • we care about people of all genders, ages, origins, looks, and orientations.
  • we believe in transparency and an open culture. Find out more about working at VSHN in our public open-source employee handbook.

What we offer

  • VSHN offers a lot of perks such as a recurring educational budget and phantom stocks in the company.
  • you can grow into new roles by taking on additional tasks or work with us on areas such as product management, should you be interested in that.
  • we are used to a remote & home office work culture (even before COVID-19), but love to also meet in the office to socialize.
  • as every other VSHNeer you will receive a fixed monthly salary and phantom stock options in the company.
  • we care about people of all gender, age, origin, looks, orientation.

Please note we don’t work with recruitment agencies and we’re looking for people with permission to work in Switzerland (Swiss/EU citizen or Swiss resident/work visa holder).

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